My art style is a visual vocabulary with a limited/restrained palette of color using simple strokes or stylized shapes to express an image. I want to bring the human element back without competing with the digital or photographic mediums -- strictly a hand-eye craft.

Currently, my pieces are mostly dry-brush watercolors. Watercolor is a very unforgiving medium although I’ve learned to control it.  I do a lot of planning when I paint.  I find the subject matter, do a fairly detailed sketch, transfer the sketch to watercolor paper, refine the sketch, plan the color mixes and work in a very methodical way. I do use photo references that I take on location – as painter Richard McLean once stated, “the horse ain’t going to stand still!”

I’ve always felt that good art is not unlike good writing or good music. I do my art to make me feel good and to make others feel better!