The paintings are done with the finest Winsor Newton watercolor pigments on d’Arches archival 100% cotton 140 lbs. watercolor paper. The originals are sold framed. They are framed for display and protection with archival materials and protected by UV glass. However, this does not mean that ANY artwork should be hung in direct sunlight!

The original art is available for sale unless noted and each painting has limited editions of giclée (zhee-CLAY) prints available in 3 proportionate sizes at lower price points. My reasoning behind the availability of limited editions is that I favor the idea that many who cannot own an original work of art will still be able to have high quality reproductions for their enjoyment.  Because of the remarkable detail and archival nature of the giclée, these reproductions have future resale value. Matter of fact, most if not all contemporary photography are indeed giclées.

Giclée printers use archival inks which make the archival properties of giclées much higher than lithography or silkscreen prints. The color range (gamut), continuous tone vs. dots, high-resolution and high-tech reproduction makes giclées superior to the lithographs of the past. The papers used are also archival. Pigmented inks used have a light fastness rating up to 200 years. Not only are giclées going to last longer than our lives, their visual quality is also undeniably greater which makes it hard sometimes to distinguish giclées from the originals. All giclées are color-corrected and approved with the artist present.

While every attempt is done to create accurate representation online, the colors are restricted by an RBG monitor/device and the resolution of that monitor/device. There is a difference which may not be able to capture the subleties or full range of color which will be apparent in the originals and giclées.  Each piece will be hand-signed by the artist. The signature represented online is placed there as a reminder that the art is copyrighted by the artist and may not be used anywhere without consent.


The originals (unless sold) and their limited editions are available for sale. The prices will vary depending on destination with shipping/handling and mailing rates which includes insurance. The originals are already framed but should you desired a different frame or frame one of the limited editions -- framing is available for an additional cost. To purchase artwork or if you have any questions, please contact me for details through the guestbook on this site.